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Ordinary shares

In accordance with (i) resolution of EGM held on 16 April 2012 on the reduction of the charter capital through cancellation of shares after the reorganisation of Uralkali in the form of merger and (ii) Report on the cancellation of shares, approved by the Board of Directors on 23 July 2012, the Amendments to the Charter, containing the information on the total number of ordinary shares and updated size of the charter capital, were registered.

As of August 1, 2012 the charter capital of Uralkali is RUB 1,468,007,945.5, divided into 2,936,015,891 ordinary registered shares with the face value of RUB 0.5 each.

Stock exchanges

Uralkalis ordinary shares are traded onthe Moscow Exchange (URKA).

Trading floors of Uralkalis shares and GDRs

Regulation S GDRs

Regulation S GDRs

Ordinary Shares RU0007661302


Joint Stock Company VTB Registrator
23 Pravdy St., Moscow, Russian Federation, 127015
Tel: +7(495)787-44-83
Web: www.vtbreg.com
E-mail: info@vtbreg.com
Operating licence to maintain share register
Licence number: 045-13970-000001
Date of issue: 21.02.2008
Date of expiry Perpetual
Issuing authority: Federal Financial Markets Service

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