We have created this app in order to provide the best experience of following us on tablet devices and smartphones. This app provides quick access to most usefull tools and most up-to-date information about the Company. Try it!

Requirements OS:

  • iOS 5+
  • Android 4+
  • BlackBerry OS 7+
  • Latest Windows phone

! If your OS is of older version, please upgrade it or move to the PDA version.

The Settings panel gives you control over some elements of how the app operates:


Wherever you encounter this icon, please use the edge of the screen to scroll down and up the page.

Auto-refresh content

Setting this to ‘on’ will allow the app to periodically check for new content and download it to your device. Setting to ‘off’ will cancel the check. This does not affect the ability to manually refresh the app content.

Collect offline data

This app is designed to work when your device is unable to connect to the internet. Part of that design is to keep a record of the content you view when offline to give us a broader understanding of how the app is used. The details collected include the page name and the time/date the page was loaded. No personal information is recorded. If you would prefer the app not collect this data, you can change this setting to ‘off’.

Integrated Report 2017

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