Uralkali announces prices for Russian consumers

Uralkali announces prices for Russian consumers

Uralkali (LSE: URKA), one of the world’s largest potash producers, has published prices for Q1 2012 for Russian complex fertiliser (NPK) producers and industrial consumers. The price for NPK producers will amount to RUR 9,318 per tonne (without discount). The price for industrial producers will be RUR 10,528 per tonne of 95%KCl and RUR 10,828 per tonne of 98% KCl.

The price formula is provided by Uralkali’s Marketing Policy which has been approved by the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service. In line with Uralkali’s Marketing Policy and “Rules for Nondiscriminatory Access to Purchasing MOP” issued by Russian Antimonopoly Service (FAS) in November 2010, the Company sets the price for Russian NPK producers and industrial consumers according to the average weighted export price in the lowest-priced market, excluding transport costs (minimum export price).

Moreover, to support potash fertilisers supplies to the domestic market, the Company’s Marketing Policy provides discounts to NPK producers to the potash volumes intended for the production of complex fertilisers for the domestic market so that they purchase these volumes from Uralkali on the same favourable terms as agricultural producers.

As Uralkali has previously announced, the price for direct sales to agricultural producers in 2012 will be increased in line with the industrial inflation index and amount to approximately RUR 4,700 per tonne.

The prices for Q1 2012 for different KCl consumers in Russia (net of VAT, bulk, RUR per tonne) are as follows:

NPK producers*

Industrial consumers

Agricultural producers**

95% KCl – 9,318

95% – 10,528
98% – 10,828

95% KCl – 4,700

* without discount for potash volumes intended for the domestic market
** Uralkali will announce the final price after the industry inflation index is published by the Russian Federal State Statistics Service.

Information about prices for different groups of Russian consumers is available on the Company’s website quarterly and available at http://www.uralkali.com/buyers/prices/.

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