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Weproduce potash fertilisers toensure that people all over the world are provided with food, and tosupport the growth ofour Company and the welfare ofour employees and local communities, through efficient and responsible development ofunique potash deposits.


  • The Company isone ofthe worlds leading potash producers
  • Weare expanding our production capacity tosatisfy growing demand for our products inthe long term
  • Our production priorities remain zero accidents and casualties, reducing our environmental footprint and ensuring the high quality ofour products
  • Our work isbased onprinciples ofclear division ofresponsibilities, KPI-based management and risk minimisation
  • The Company isthe most attractive employer inthe Perm region and, potentially, the mining industry asawhole
  • Weattach great importance toour people: wedevelop and promote our best employees
  • Weplay anactive role inthe development ofBerezniki and Solikamsk
  • The Company operates transparently for all stakeholders

Our values

Our values
  • Safety. We personally adhere to safety rules and are intolerant to those who do not.
  • Responsibility. We always keep our promises.
  • Efficiency. We strive to achieve the best result for best value.
  • Team work. We respect and trust each other and we know only through collaboration can we reach set targets.
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