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Uralkali’s business is based on producing potash fertilisers, which are generally applied direct to soil or used to make compound NPK (nitrogen+phosphate +potash) fertilisers. There are also some other industrial needs.

  • We extract potash ore from the Verkhnekamskoye potassium and magnesium salt deposit at an approximate depth of 400 metres. We then process it at our surface enrichment plants. The extracted ore contains 25% to 35% of MOP)
  • As a result of enrichment, mineral stock, which is a natural mixture of commercial component (MOP) and other substances (mainly sodium chloride and sludge), is transformed into concentrate, a finished product which is over 95% MOP
  • Uralkali’s production complies with major international and Russian standards and satisfies the requirements of customers
  • Uralkali monitors regularly the indicators of quality and customer satisfaction, which contributes to long-term relations with domestic and international clients

Warning notice to existing and potential buyers of Uralkali products

Dear customers!

In connection with the increase in the number of cases involving the sale of potassium chloride products under the guise of Uralkali, in case of doubt about the origin and quality of the purchased products, we recommend contacting the Uralkali Call Centre. The Company staff will assist you in verifying the authenticity of the information and documentation (sales contract, bill of lading, quality certificate for a batch of goods) provided to you by the seller for the products offered for sale.

Products of guaranteed quality can be purchased directly from Uralkali, or from any counterparty possessing direct supply contracts with the Company. For a list of these counterparties, please click here.

We also inform you that Uralkali has no contractual relationships with the following companies. We cannot guarantee that the products offered by the companies on this list are manufactured by Uralkali.


Uralkali hereby informs you that foreign consumers of our products (both from far abroad and CIS countries) have repeatedly complained about the very poor quality of such products. In the course of several inspections, we have established that in all cases, deliveries were made from companies that did not have contractual relations with the Company, and consumers were provided with forged documents for the products. These products were not produced at the production facilities of Uralkali, and it was not possible to establish their origin.

In this regard, we would like to stress that the only company supplying products manufactured by Uralkali outside the Russian Federation is Uralkali Trading SIA.

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List of the companies signed direct contracts with Uralkali on sales of the Companys products


List of the companies with no contract relations with Uralkali


List of the companies signed direct contracts with Uralkali on sales of the Companys products


List of the companies with no contract relations with Uralkali

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