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Scientific and outreach activities

Being among worlds leaders in MOP (muriate of potash, potassium chloride) production and sales, we carry out educational activities around the globe, informing others about the positive aspects and profitability of potassium chloride application.

Our company regularly participates in various industry events in collaboration with leading agricultural experts, international research institutes and progressive agricultural organisations.

Uralkali has developed its own interactive illustrated potash encyclopedia (www.infopotash.com), which contains information about the impact of potassium on plants and the human body, MOP production, the use of potassium fertilisers in agriculture, and more.

Uralkalis educational programmes cover topics such as the benefits of potash, the world potash market, advanced fertiliser techniques, and agronomics.

Uralkali is a member of the following organisations:



IFA is a global organisation, representing the global fertiliser industry on issues related to improving the operating environment of its member companies and the collection of industry information.


The Fertilizer Institute (TFI) is the national trade association representing all segments of the U.S. fertiliser industry.


RFPA (Russian Fertilizers Producers Association) is a Russian industry association, established by the major local fertiliser producers with the aim of developing the Russian fertiliser industry. RFPA assists its members with business development and coordination with international and local fertiliser producers and consumers.

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