Benefits Package

Uralkali is seeking to become the employer of choice amongst Russian mining companies, underpinned by the provision of a comprehensive compensation package to all its employees. The Company offers the following benefits aimed at ensuring social stability, solving burning social problems and increasing the living standards:

Voluntary Health Insurance Programme, regular and advanced medical screenings
Voluntary Health Insurance Programme, regular and advanced medical screenings

Newcomers to our team are given the opportunity to have their health monitored on a regular basis. All Uralkali employees participate in a Voluntary Medical Insurance programme. We have access to the state of the art Uralkali-Med polyclinic, as well as medical stations at structural divisions. Company employees visit the highest quality regional clinics and undergo various medical screenings, all covered by the insurance policy. Employees participate in the programme for free.

All employees undergo regular, advanced medical examinations. This is very important to detect the early symptoms of illness and help to take proactive measures to address any health issues.

Marina Zherdetskaya, Specialist in the Procurement Department:

— Medical assistance is organised in a very professional way at Uralkali. As an employee at Solikamsk, I visit the medical station at our production unit. There are comfortable facilities, no queues, the medical staff are attentive, polite and well qualified. I have not yet used all the services covered by Voluntary Medical Insurance policy but I'm sure that if I do need to at some point in the future, then everything will be fine.

Subsidised meals
Subsidised meals

Subsidised meals are one of the most popular social benefits for Uralkali employees. The Company’s aim is to provide all employees with hot, nutritious meals during their working day. Each employee gets a 70% discount off the full cost of meals at the Company's canteens and refreshment areas. The remaining 30% is paid by employees in cash or by non-cash payment.

Evgenia Ryaposova, Specialist in the Internal Communications Department:

— I'm happy with our corporate meals system. The Company does not only offer a hot and tasty lunch, but we also get a discount for it. Even better, we do not need to pay for lunch with cash. Many of us do not even take our wallets to the canteen. We just choose our food, scan our electronic cards over a sensor at the tills, and enjoy our meal. The system works out exactly how much is discounted and how much we should pay, with any sums owed taken directly from our monthly salary. The system is transparent and effective.

Employee health resorts (including own recreational facility)
Employee health resorts (including two Company-owned recreational facilities)

Our hard working employees need to relax. The Company owns a health resort that provides a year-round health programme. The programme helps employees to recharge, restore good health and improve their mood.

The health resort is located out of town, in Verkhnekamie, where there is plenty of fresh air, a variety of treatments and a pleasant atmosphere. Highly-qualified and caring medical staff develop engaging and effective medical and fitness programmes for our employees.

It is important to note that Uralkali does not just invest considerable sums into its medical centre's’ equipment, but also compensates its employees for the costs of the treatment. Depending on salary, employees pay just 10–50% of the costs.

It is also important to note that if the treatment at our medical centres does not sufficiently address an employee’s illness, then the Company will pay to send them to other medical centres in the region.

Zimfira Varodi, Lead Specialist in the Laboratory Control Section:

— I visit the Company’s health centre every year. I like everything there: the medical treatments, the cosy rooms. After my visit, I don’t have any health problems for the rest of the year, not even a cold. This year, I took part in a special women-only programme called "Grace". The result was great!

Programme to improve living conditions (mortgage interest compensation)
Programme to improve living conditions (mortgage interest compensation)

Our Company runs a programme to improve the living conditions of its employees. How does it work? It's easy! Over ten years, the Company compensates its employees for their mortgage interest payable to banks in relation to the purchase of an apartment. The Company is willing to provide this type of compensation to highly skilled employees and those with particularly niche skills.

Andrey Konovalov, Lead Hydrogeologist, Berezniki-2:

— By participating in Uralkali's social housing programme, I was able to buy an apartment this year. Just like many other families, we have wanted our own flat for a long time, but it is of course difficult to do so with just our salaries. The Company's payment of the mortgage interest compensation has been crucial for us. Now we are very happy in our new flat!

Summer health campaign for employees' children
Summer health campaign for employees' children

Every summer, Uralkali runs a health campaign for the children of employees at its medical recreation centres, summer health camp and sea-side resorts.

Children between the ages of 4 and 7 attend the Company’s health resort with their parents as part of the "Mother and Child" programme. For school children between 7 and 12, the Company organises health trips to the "Uralskie Samotsvety" children’s camp. Those between 12 and 15 years of age have the opportunity to visit Russian and foreign sea-side resorts. The Company covers most of the costs.

Anzhela Guseva, Specialist in the Human Resources Section:

— I was able to send my son to the Bulgarian sea-side. I'm glad that the Company paid a major part of the cost for the international youth centre where he stayed. I'm also satisfied with the organisation of the trip. Children are accompanied by experienced teachers; they rest, improve their health, learn about a different culture and have a great experience.

Partial compensation for sport expenses
Partial compensation for sport expenses

Being healthy is a way of life! Every year Uralkali implements large-scale projects to encourage employees to take up sport and physical activity. Employees can take advantage of a 50% discount at swimming pools and skiing facilities. These projects are extremely popular.

Dmitry Yanovitch, Lead Specialist in the Underground Facilities Department:

— I greatly appreciate having the opportunity to go swimming. It's a pleasure for me to take part in the "Swim for your health" programme. I attend the "Kristall" swimming pool. The pool is big, and the swimming lanes are not crowded. I really like it.

Corporate Olympics
Corporate Olympics

It's no secret that sport helps to form character, leadership qualities and the will to win. These are the traits that our employees have - ambitious, active and strong in spirit. It's only natural that the Company holds a Corporate Olympics.

Thousands of athletes take part in the event. The competition features many sports, including football, volleyball, cross country skiing, athletics and swimming. Chess is also on the programme. The awards ceremony takes place shortly before Company Day. Uralkali’s athletes take part in a parade at this important corporate celebration where winning teams are awarded trophies.

Lesya Jukhimets, Conveyor Operator at Berezniki-2, Participant at the Uralkali Olympics:

— Sport is a key element of people’s lives around the world. A nation's good health is an investment into its future. Uralkali gives its employees opportunities to take part in sporting activities. This is especially important for young people.

Corporate leisure activities
Corporate leisure activities

Corporate leisure activities give employees a feeling of involvement with the Company's present and future, corporate culture, values and goals.

Our main celebrations - Company Day, Chemist's Day and Miner's Day - are incentives for the best employees, and they are always entertaining. Celebrations encourage teambuilding, are informative and entertaining, generate a positive mood and allow employees to meet colleagues in an informal setting. Participating in corporate activities enables employees to be praised in public and celebrate with colleagues. A systematic approach to organising corporate activities enables Uralkali to merge traditions with modern trends.

Tatiana Strunina, Chemical Analysis Assistant in the Technical Control Section:

— Company Day is always a special celebration for me, as I feel a part of a big team on this day more than any other. We also have the opportunity to meet colleagues and friends from other divisions in addition to having a holiday.

Participation in recreational activities
Participation in corporate, cultural and leisure activities

The Company's Culture and Leisure centre organises recreational activities.

The Culture and Leisure centre offers a pleasant atmosphere, comfortable and light rooms, and space to indulge in creativity. This is a place where anyone can come and explore their individuality. It is the home for more than ten creative organisations, and is where master classes are held for employees.

The centre is a venue for business and cultural events all year round. Celebratory events for corporate and national holidays are always superbly organised and receive positive feedback.

Vasily Yuzhaninov, Ballroom dance society member:

— I have been attending ballroom dance classes for many years. I take part for my own pleasure. I have already had some success. I have always wanted to dance. Thanks to the Company, I have had the opportunity to realise my creative potential and I have made my dream come true. In the future, I will continue to perfect the skills I acquired at the centre. For example, I would like to take part in a municipal contest.

Free transportation to work
Free transportation to work

Uralkali provides transportation for employees to their place of work free of charge. In particular, transport is arranged between Berezniki and Solikamsk, and from the towns to remote production units located beyond municipal transport routes. Corporate buses are available, and there is also a taxi schedule.

Galina Belkina, Lead Specialist in the IT Services Department:

— I use corporate transportation on a regular basis. Buses are comfortable. They follow the timetable, there are no delays, so you arrive at work in time and can leave promptly at the end of the day. The drivers are polite.

New Year gifts to employees' children
New Year gifts to employees' children

Every year, the Company gives presents to the children of employees. Boys and girls between the ages of 1 and 16 receive sweets.

Uralkali buys only the best Russian confectionary products. Gifts consist of chocolates and sweets made by reputable companies popular with Russian consumers.

Olesya Burova, Laboratory Assistant in the Research and Quality Control Department:

— My daughter and I enjoy receiving New Year gifts from the Company. Sweets always come with an interesting toy inside, which children can’t wait to get their hands on. The chocolates and sweets, made by well-known producers, are very tasty. You get the impression that the gift set has been prepared with great attention. It's a pleasure to receive such surprises from Uralkali. What’s fun for kids is an even bigger delight for adults!

Financial support for a range of circumstances

The Company provides financial aid in certain circumstances to support its employees. In particular, the Company makes a one-off payment to soldiers who have returned to work at Uralkali after mandatory military service; and a one-off payment to orphans (those who grew up in children’s homes or orphanages between the ages of 14 and 21) when they join the Company.

Financial support is provided to families when a child is born, and it is also given each year to employees’ children who are successful in their studies at state universities.

One-off financial assistance is provided to graduate specialists whose full time education was paid for by the Company and who commence work at the Company. In addition, financial assistance is given to graduate specialists who are invited by Uralkali to join the Company after finishing university.

Additional days off

We all experience significant events at certain times of our lives. With this in mind, the Company provides its employees with additional paid days-off for reasons such as: to get married, to attend the marriage of a child, or for a parent to take their child to their first day of school. Such additional days off are also provided to a mother's close relative after the birth of a child.

Additional leave is provided to expectant mothers who work at Uralkali's production divisions or whose job requires regular visits to production sites. Further details on additional leave are defined in the Collective Agreement.

One-off retirement remuneration
One-off retirement remuneration

The Company rewards employees for their loyalty. At Uralkali, a one-off payment is made to those who are about to retire. Employees receive cash bonuses on key anniversary dates (50, 55, 60, 65, 70 and 75 years of age) - to be added to annual leave payment. In addition, an annual premium is paid according to their length of employment. This premium is not dependent on the number of remaining holiday days or additional leave.

Company's veteran support programme "Attention and Care"
Company's veteran support programme "Care and comfort"

We have great respect for our colleagues who have worked at Uralkali for many years and subsequently retired. A Veterans’ Council operates at Uralkali. Financial and organisational aid to veterans and the Council’s activities is one of the key elements of Uralkali's social policy. Veterans participate in a wide range of activities, taking an active part in public life on a Company level as well as in the towns where the Company has a presence.

Vladimir Treskov, Chairman of the Veterans’ Council:

— We have been able to implement numerous activities and projects thanks to the Company’s financial support. The Veterans’ Council provides facilities for a number of hobby groups. Talented singers perform in the "Autumn Charm" choir. We arrange trips to veterans' associations in other towns and companies. The Council's volunteers regularly visit our veterans who are unable to leave their homes due to their age or weak health.

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Cardinal rules

Smoking in mines is prohibited.
Work at heights without wearing a safety harness is prohibited.
Work in electrical installations under voltage is prohibited.
It is forbidden to perform work and stay in the bottomhole zone during the operation of the mining machine.
Loading and unloading operations when people are in the danger zone are prohibited.
Working in underground mines with unsecured and/or unassembled roofing is prohibited.
It is forbidden to carry out repairs and maintenance of conveyors without disconnecting from energy sources, use of conveyors for transfer of people and goods (materials and/or equipment), crossing (either above or under) operating conveyors by employees are not allowed.
It is forbidden to carry out welding and flame work in underground mines and mine buildings without the necessary safety measures preventing fire.