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Dividend Policy

  • The payment of dividends is regulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  • Dividends are paid from the profit of the Company after taxes (net profit of the Company). The amount of the net profit is determined in accordance with the accounting statements of the Company.
  • Pursuant to the Federal Law On Joint Stock Companies, the Charter of the Company and the Regulations on the Dividend Policy, the Company has the right to adopt the decision to pay dividends (announce dividends) based on the results of the entire financial year, the result of the first quarter, six months or nine months of the financial year (interim dividends).
  • In compliance with the Regulations on the Dividend Policy of PJSC Uralkali approved by the Board of Directors in April 2015, the Board of Directors of the Company prepares recommendations for the general shareholders meeting regarding the payment of dividends for a particular reporting period based on the financial results of the Company. The Board of Directors reviews the various possibilities of profit distribution and determines the size of the portion of the profits which could be used to pay dividends. The Board of Directors determines the size of dividends and sets the date on which the persons entitled to receive dividends are determined in compliance with the Federal Law On Joint Stock Companies, the Charter and the Regulations on the Board of Directors of the Company, by the majority vote of the members of the Board of Directors of the Company taking part in the meeting of the Board.
  • The decision to pay (announce) dividends, is adopted by the General Meeting of Shareholders of the Company. The size of dividends may not exceed the amount recommended by the Board of Directors of the Company.
  • Uralkali draws shareholders attention to the fact that adoption of a decision to pay (announce) dividends is a right, not an obligation of the Company.
Period Record date Date of Adoption of Decision on Dividend Payment Amount of Dividend per Ordinary Share/GDR (RUR) Amount of Accrued Dividends (RUR, 000)
2013 20.06.2014 09.06.2014 1.63/8.15 4 785 705.90
Interim dividends 29.10.2013 18.12.2013 2.21/11.05 6 488 595.10
2012 25.04.2013 04.06.2013 3.9/19.5 11 450 461.97
Interim dividends 06.11.2012 13.12.2012 4.71/23.55 13 828 634.85
2011 26.04.2012 07.06.2012 4.0/20.0 12 378 551.62
Interim dividends 02.11.2011 08.12.2011 4.0/20.0 12 378 066.30
2010 24.05.2011 29.06.2011 4.55/22.75 14 080 050.40
2009 11.05.2010 18.06.2010 1.7/8.5 3 611 463.00
6 months of 2008 13.08.2008 19.09.2008 4.0/20.0 8 497 560.00
2007 13.05.2008 18.06.2008 1.9/9.5 4 036 341.00
9 months of 2006 07.11.2006 15.12.2006 1.59/- 3 377 780.10
9 months of 2005 22.11.2005 30.12.2005 2.46/- 5 225 999.40

Uralkali discloses all relevant information on dividends in the quarterly issuer reports which are available on the Companys website, Financial Performance.

Regulations on Dividend Policy of PJSC Uralkali


Dividend payments in Russia are taxed at 13% for domestic shareholders, both individuals and corporate entities, and 15% for overseas investors. In case when a double taxation treaty is applied, the tax payable is determined by reference to this agreement. Potential and existing investors in Uralkali shares, including GDRs, are advised to consult their investment advisors on tax implications.

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