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III International Agrotechnological Conference - AgroHighTech-XXI


III International Agrotechnological Conference - AgroHighTech-XXI

The III International Agrotechnological Conference entitled AgroHighTech-XXI took place in Voronezh on 5-6 March 2014. Uralkali acted as the main sponsor of the event.

The conference, organised by the Russian Grain Union with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, was attended by approximately two hundred representatives from the agricultural industry, government regulators and scientists.

The Conference highlighted the importance of cost optimisation in crop production. The conference participants discussed innovations, modern approaches and technologies in agribusiness.

Alexander Korbut, Vice President of the Russian Grain Union, commented:

Nobody buys seeds now, everyone invests in technologies.

Fertilisers are an important component of modern agriculture because the agricultural industry demands higher yields and increased product quality. It is becoming increasingly important to be able to calculate the exact amount of nutrients required, taking nutrient loss and depletion of arable land into account, in order to improve profitability.

In this regard, a report authored by Vladimir Romanenkov, a representative of the D.N. Pryanishnikov All-Russian Institute for Agrochemistry, contained an analysis showing the nutrient imbalance of Russian soils over a number of decades. He noted the need for extensive work to restore balance. He claimed that as potassium-based fertilisers are the most underapplied of all, they should be the focus for farmers to improve both yields and the quality of agricultural products.

The roundtable entitled “The grain market in the new season: what to expect and what to sow?” was opened by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Andrey Volkov. He spoke about the performance of the agricultural sector in 2013 and also answered questions from participants. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Soyuzrossakhar Andrey Bodin shared his forecasts for the development of the sugar industry in 2014, and the General Director of LLC ProZerno Vladimir Petrychenko spoke about the grain industry’s performance last year.

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