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Fertiliser Management Training Programme for Farmers and Sub Assistant Agriculture Officers


Fertiliser Management Training Programme for Farmers and Sub Assistant Agriculture Officers

Bangladesh Fertiliser Association (IPI-BFA) held “Fertiliser Management Training Programme for Farmers and Sub Assistant Agriculture Officers” at Deputy Director’s Office of the Department of Agriculture Extension in Jamalpur on November 9th, 2013.

Kbd. AbulKashem, Deputy Director at the Department of Agriculture Extension, welcomed the participants and chaired the training programme. Mr Kashem appreciated Dr Islam’s choice of Jamalpur for the event location and draw attention to certain specific features of agriculture in Jamalpur district. Jamalpur is known for the highest crop intensity in the world and the highest production levels of vegetables, especially cauliflower and tomato, in Bangladesh. He urged all participants to learn as much as possible from the event, which was aimed to provide access to technical knowledge in nutrient management, and apply this knowledge to improve farmers’ livelihood. Mr. Kashem elaborated on the role of potassium in crop production and recommended a balanced application of the fertiliser.

Faruq Ahmed Chowdhury, Director of IPI-BFA from Jamalpur, made a welcome speech on behalf of the association. In his address, Mr Chowdhury noted that balanced nutrition is a pressing issue and that the current government is highly concerned about the fertilisation practices and therefore had recently increased fertiliser subsidy manifold and initiated a number of policies to improve agricultural productivity and ensure food security in Bangladesh.

Neeraj Kumar Awasthi, Coordinator of IPI and Uralkali’s Senior Agronomy Expert for the region, introduced IPI and its work in Bangladesh. His speech was translated by Dr Islam. Mr Awasthi noted that the promotion of balanced nutrition and potassium application were the main themes of the training programme, and that the association will continue to organise similar events to disseminate knowledge generated by IPI-BARI Project, which aims to achieve higher volumes and quality in Bangladesh’s agricultural production.

A technical lecture titled ‘Integrated Nutrient Management’ with special emphasis on potassium was presented by Dr. S.K.Bansal, Director of PRI from Gurgaon, India. The presentation covered all important aspects of potassium nutrition for each crop. The session was also translated by Dr. Islam.

A comprehensive lecture on fertiliser application, distribution, marketing, subsidies and supply was delivered by Dr. Md Shahidul Islam, the former DGBARI and Technical Advisor at BFA. In the second part of his presentation after a tea break, Dr Islam spoke in detail about the brochure he developed for the training programme. The brochure lays out a fertiliser scenario, provides description of fertiliser elements, including potassium, their functions and deficiency symptoms.

Dr. Md Belal Hossain, Senior Scientific Officer at Sub Station at Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture (BINA), discussed fertiliser management and recommendations for rice and jute in detail.

A lecture delivered by Dr. Rafeza Begum, Senior Scientific Officer at District Office of the Soil Resource Development Institute (SRDI) in Jamalpur, focused on the importance of soil analysis for sustaining soil fertility. She also explained the method of taking soil samples.

Dr. Zahurul Islam, regional director of Sub Station BARI in Jamalpur, spoke about fertiliser management and recommendations for wheat, maize, tuber crops, oilseeds, and pulses with a special reference to potassium.

Mr. Atm Hamiddulah, Executive Officer of BFA, collected feedback regarding the training programme and chaired a question and answer session, during which the experts answered many queries from the audience on the subjects of the training.

Mr. Awasthi made concluding remarks and Dr S Islam summarised the results of the event and the training’s relevance to agriculture practitioners.

The closing remarks were made by Mr. Kashem, Deputy Director of the Department of Agriculture Extension in Jamalpur, who thanked the guests and participants.

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