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Uralkali has awarded individual scholarships to the best college students


20 best students of Solikamsk Mining and Chemical College and Berezniki Polytechnic College have received Uralkalis scholarships according to the results of II semester of the 2015-2016 academic year.

Individual scholarships are granted to the students who excel in their studies, actively participate in scientific and social activities of their educational institutions.

Uralkalis individual scholarships have been awarded since 2010. Today, they amount to RUB 2.000 a month. Scholars and the students who show good skills during their industrial placement enjoy priority employment with Uralkali.

Ruslan Ilyasov, Uralkali HR Director, commented:

Uralkali always encourages the best students of universities and colleges from Berezniki and Solikamsk. We understand that the development of the Company is impossible without the involvement of qualified personnel. Berezniki Polytechnic College and Solikamsk Mining and Chemical College train students in the skills and qualifications demand by Uralkali. We are pleased that many of todays scholars and graduates of technical colleges join Uralkali Group.


Individual scholarships were awarded on the Employers Day. During this annual event Uralkalis representatives tell students about occupations demanded at the Company and its subsidiaries, social and other benefits granted to Uralkali Group employees.

The Company also assists in improving material resources of Berezniki Polytechnic College and Solikamsk Mining and Chemical College. Uralkalis investments in supporting colleges in both Berezniki and Solikamsk have amounted to about RUB 20 million since 2011.

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