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Uralkali Supports Festival of Veteran Families

Uralkali Supports Festival of Veteran Families

For the first time in its history, Uralkali’s Veterans Council organised a married veterans festival; the competition was called “Grandma next to Grandpa”. Six families of potash veterans from Berezniki and Solikamsk took part in the contest.

The married veterans festival took place in honour of the Day for the Elderly and the 70th anniversary of the allied victory in World War II. There are many active and creative families among the members of the Veterans Council who competed. The Selkov, Shchekin and Sevdalev families from Berezniki and the Moshev, Shumilov and Lyakhovsky families from Solikamsk wowed the audience and the jury. Spectators enjoyed songs and dance performances, a fashion show and an inspirational poetry recital. In the end, the organisers decided not to pick a winner due to the high standard across the board.

The festival left no doubt that potash veterans are active and creative people. Uralkali’s Veterans Council helps them to discover their talents and plan their leisure time.

Nina and Pavel Selkov, veterans and contest participants:

The Veterans Council does a great job. We try to visit all the traditional festivities: the Harvest Festival, the Flower Ball, and excursions to the Belogorsky monastery and the town of Verkhoturye. Now, in autumn, various clubs have resumed. I plan to attend the ‘Longevity Living Room’, while last year, I attended gatherings of the ‘Fertile Garden’ group. In my opinion, we veterans should not stay at home when there are so many useful activities on offer.

Lyudmila Mukhataeva, head of cultural activities for Uralkali’s Veterans Council:

Our veterans are very active and talented. They keenly support any idea and help to implement it. That’s why the festival was established. Of course, much of the credit for our active and interesting lives goes to Uralkali.

Financial support from Uralkali helps potash veterans to plan their leisure time throughout the year. The Veterans Council organises a range of clubs: “Fertile Garden” for beginners and experienced gardeners; “Grandma’s Ball of Wool” for those who are beginning to knit or already able to create small masterpieces; a chess club, as well as music and movie societies; and the “Longevity Living Room”. The veterans regularly take part in guided tours around the Perm region and visit museums. This year, the Day for the Elderly featured a musical performance by Nikolay Lukinsky. In addition, the Council’s volunteers visited elderly veterans, who rarely leave their homes.

Marina Drobysheva, head of Uralkali’s Social Department:

Support for the Veterans Council is one of the most important areas of Uralkali’s social policy. The Company plans to spend more than 55 million rubles on financing the work of the Veterans Council and providing financial aid to its members in 2014 alone. For a few years now, we have been running the ‘Attention and Care’ programme to support veterans. As part of the programme, veterans who are registered with the Council receive quarterly stipends, the amount of which depends on the length of their employment with the Company. Every five years, veterans are able to improve their health by visiting a health resort owned by the Company. World War II veterans belong to a special category. On Victory Day they are traditionally provided with financial aid.

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