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Uralkali Helps Thai boxers from Solikamsk Furnished Gym Hall

Uralkali Helps Thai boxers from Solikamsk Furnished Gym Hall

Uralkali has provided financial support to the Solikamsk Muay Thai Federation to purchase equipment for the Ring sports club, where the federation undertakes most of its training.

The Solikamsk Muay Thai Federation was founded in 2009. Nowadays, anybody over the age of five is welcome to attend. The training is attended by both boys and girls, altogether approximately 50 people. For adults who would like to keep fit individual training programmes are also organised . Most of the training takes place at the Ring sports club. This sports club was re-equipped by virtue of the funds allocated by Uralkali . Special impact pads called “Dodjang” were purchased to perform stretch and sparring, and an Aquabox kickbag was purchased for practicing kicking.

Fedor Savelyev, the President of Youth Social Organisation for the Solikamsk City Muay Thai Federation:

It’s not the first time Uralkali has given us significant support, for which many thanks to the company. Our section is attended by children of different ages, so that the safety of training should be above all things. Previously, the floor covering of the Ring sports club was unsuitable, it was too hard, the punch bags wear out gradually and are unsuitable for training. In order to avoid injuries, we had to give up on some holds, twisting and others. Now the sports gym is equipped with excellent contemporary impact pads, and also other sports equipment was purchased. Now training is much more effective. The sportsmen can prepare for contests and defend the honor of Solikamsk at different levels.

The Thai boxers have already achieved excellent results in their sport. They regularly claim first place in regional championships, the Volga federal district championships, Russian championships, and overseas tournaments. Nowadays, according to the coach, their preparation has reached a new level.

Artem Lange, the manager of regional and municipal development of Uralkali:

The support of children’s sport in Solikamsk and Berezniki is one of the most significant fields of Uralkali’s social policy. It is essential that the teenagers and schoolchildren should have the possibility to try their favorite sport under the guidance of experienced coaching staff. It will keep them away from the influence of the street, will help them to become physically strong and healthy, to find true friends and to copy the positive example set by their older companions. Winning tournaments will become an additional motivation for them to train.

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