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Uralkali Voluntary Movement Growing

Uralkali Voluntary Movement Growing

On 5 December (International Volunteer’s Day), the volunteers among Uralkali’s staff summarised the results of the outgoing year. The voluntary help for those who were in need was given in 2014 by almost 400 Uralkali workers.

The voluntary actions in Uralkali cover different fields. The Zeleny Kontur movement has existed already for five years. The main objective set by activists themselves is to help the environment by removing rubbish from holiday spots and conducting environmental seminars. Over the movement’s life time, almost 350 people have taken part in the actions. 17 environmental volunteer clean-ups have been organized in the suburbs of Berezniki and Solikamsk over five years. In 2014, the volunteers tested a new method — they organised eco-swimming across the river Vishera, took away rubbish from campsites and from the Vetlan mountain basecamp.

Ekaterina Korochkina, Chief Specialist of Uralkali geology department, and leader of the Zeleny Kontur movement.

When our movement appeared, I invited my friends, colleagues, and acquaintances to visit the activities. It was complicated enough for the first time. It’s hard to encourage people to spend their free time working for the common good; moreover, it is impossible to take away all the rubbish left by fellow citizens. But today our movement is much bigger than previous. It’s because we have support from Uralkali; the company helps us with the organisation and inventory, the corporate media promotes what we do, attracting new participants.

In 2013, volunteers began to help at the animal refuge, “Drug” (“Friend). Since that time, the participants led by Yulia Tsaplina have continually visited the refuge, where there are homeless dogs and took care of the animals, fed and walked them. Moreover, the staff of Uralkali each month gather products, medicine and clothes for bedding. The activists received letters of gratitude from the staff of the refuge and city volunteers, who also give help to ‘Drug’.

The other significant field of voluntary work is the Children’s Joy movement, led by Anna Yugova. The activists from Uralkali visited the child care center in Solikamsk all year round, organised holidays, interesting excursions and fresh air and exercise for the children. Some of the arrangements were organized for teenagers from orphanages. Also the activists from Uralkali attracted youngsters from the Solikamsk orphanage to participate in the activities. The teenagers created their own voluntary detachment called Children of the Frost and undertook charitable acts with the volunteers from Uralkali.

On behalf of the children from the Child Care Center the volunteers were appreciated by Maria Gorshkova, the head of department No 3 of the Child Care Center for children without parental custody.

The children of our organization are in a complicated life situation, so that they especially require attention and love. And in this relation it is hard to overestimate the help of the volunteers from Uralkali. The visit of the volunteers from Uralkali brightens the children’s impressions and gives positive emotions, the volunteers help to expand the horizon of the children and to adapt them for future life.

Oksana Motrych, the Chief of the corporate and sports events organization center of Uralkali:

Our team is the example of a socially responsible business. Uralkali repairs schools, builds nursery schools and promotes development of children’s sport in the cities where the Company operates. The volunteers from Uralkali help to increase the list of good deeds. Very many thanks to them for their sincerity and warm hearts.

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