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Uralkali Awards Scholarships to Students and Graduates

Uralkali Awards Scholarships to Students and Graduates

Uralkali has awarded individual scholarships and Verkhnekamsk Kali awards to five students and four graduates from the Berezniki Branch of the Perm National Research Polytechnic University (BB PNRPU).

Individual scholarships from Uralkali and the Verkhnekamsk Kali contest were established as part of the co-operation agreement signed in 2006 between the Company and the Berezniki Branch of the Perm National Research Polytechnic University. Individual scholarships amount to 2,500 roubles per month and are paid twice a year based on achievements during the semester. Verhnekamsk Kali contest awards total 10,000 roubles per month.

To receive an individual scholarship, students must pass through a rigorous selection process. They must have good grades, participate in regional and federal academic competitions and scientific conferences, and conduct research work.

To qualify for the Verkhnekamsk Kali award, students’ graduation thesis must have a practical application in one of Uralkali’s production areas. Almost 50% of graduation thesis papers were recommended for implementation at the Company.

Natalia Volvach, Head of Recruitment and Staff Development at Uralkali:

Around 20,000 employees work for Uralkali, and the Company has always seen PNRPU as a key source of talent. We are interested in recruiting highly-qualified graduates to work at Uralkali; that is why we offer scholarship programmes at universities and colleges, and provide assistance to equip educational institutions with upgraded technology and for the development of teaching staff.

Oleg Kosvintsev, Director of PNRPU, Berezniki Branch:

Uralkali is our long-time partner. Working together, we are trying to find new prospective areas for co-operation to train the specialists required by a major employer in the town like Uralkali.

Natalia Kozhemyakina, fifth-year student at PNRPU, Berezniki Branch:

This is the third consecutive Uralkali scholarship that I have received. I think the individual scholarships provide a good incentive for achievements in both research and study. After graduation, I would like to continue working with MOP enrichment technology as an employee at Uralkali. The Company attracts me as one of the most advanced and fast-growing enterprises in the town.

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