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Adolf Krauss, Director of the International Potash Institute, praised the quality of Uralkali's products


IPI Director came to Russia to establish closer contacts between world producers of potassium.

IPI is engaged in the promotion of potassium fertilizers in the countries of Western Europe, South-East Asia, Middle East, Africa and CIS. The Institute also conducts in-depth studies of the fertilizers. The collaborators of the International Potash Institute include all potassium companies of the Eastern hemisphere. Based on the information gathered from these companies IPI forecasts the development of markets and informs consumers about products of the potassium industry.

Uralkali, too, is one of the members of the International Potassium Institute. IPI believes that Berezniki potassium producers promote their trade mark on the world markets rather actively and that they will benefit from cooperation with IPI in this area.

During his visit Mr. Krauss told Uralkali's specialists about the activities of IPI and its plans for the future. After that Adolf Krauss visited one of Uralkali's mines where he was shown how granulated potassium fertilizers are produced at the concentrating mill of the third mine administration.

"I was amazed by great transformations that have taken place in the company in a mere few years," said Mr. Krauss. "Uralkali invests considerable funds in the quality of its products, in the growth of its production capacities in order to keep up with the development of the market of potassium fertilizers. With new investments the products of the company are becoming even better and more competitive."

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