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Uralkali's miners exceeded production targets planned for the first half-year

In the first six months of 2003 the Berezniki miners produced 7,680 thousand tons of sylvinite ore, 1.6% more than planned. The plan target for production of carnellite was exceeded almost by 3% (378 thousand tons was mined).

As before, one of the main problems of Uralkali is filling up mine voids under Berezniki. The enterprise not only fills up what it extracts today but fills the voids which accumulated over the past forty years. Last September, the Legislative Assembly of the Perm Region adopted the "Program for Ensuring Safe Functioning of the City of Berezniki for the Years 2002 - 2007," worked out on Uralkali's initiative. Among other things, the program establishes the periods and volumes of filling-up work. In six months of this year the company's miners have exceeded these volumes by 13.6%.

In 2001, Uralkali launched a program for improving the productivity of combine complexes, which is aimed at raising the efficiency of the company's production complex. In 2003 alone, the realization of the program made it possible substantially to cut down the ore production costs included in the prime cost of Uralkali's finished products.

In connection with the Miner's Day celebrated in Russia for the 55th time Uralkali held a workmanship competition in which eighteen best miners of the company took part. Awards were presented to the winners of the competition at a gala meeting dedicated to the Miner's Day. The meeting also paid tribute to the bearers of the badge "Miner's Glory." This year, this badge was awarded to seventeen workers of the company. As of today, a total of 571 people working in Uralkali have received this high labor award.

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