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Representative of Uralkali congratulated the Berezniki school children on the beginning of the school year


This summer, ten schools were repaired in Berezniki thanks to Uralkali Company.

Compared to the year 2002 the company has increased its assistance to the educational establishments of the city almost seven-fold and spent six million rubles for this purpose. On September 1, the patrons visited all schools to congratulate the children on the beginning of the new school and wish them success.

At one school Vladimir Konovalov, Director of the First Mine Administration, who represented Uralkali, was granted the honorable right of the first bell. According to Lyudmila Muravjeva, the school director, this honor was well deserved. The mine administration headed by Konovalov has always helped the school, providing it with necessary materials and manpower, and this year was no exception. Uralkali has allocated 398 thousand rubles for the preparation of school No. 26 for September 1. Using this money the school repaired the class rooms and fully solved the problem of fire safety: it reconstructed the cloak-room by removing all wooden structures, replaced the entire electrical wiring and built a spare exit through the sports hall. "By ensuring the fire safety for children Uralkali has solved a problem of state importance," says school director Lyudmila Muravjeva. "Now our children will feel safe wherever they are in the school building."

The funds donated by Uralkali to the schools in Berezniki were used to carry out the most important repairs desperately needed by the schools. Special attention was paid to the safety of children, compliance with all requirements of the fire and sanitation inspectorates, repair of the roofing and the ventilation, heating, water supply systems, replacement of plumbing. School buildings, including canteens and sports halls, were refurbished. The repairs were mostly carried out by specialists of the Berezniki Mine Construction Department of Uralkali, who done work worth four million rubles in the summer.

"We understand that creation of normal conditions at schools for the study, for comprehensive development of children is a contribution to the future, to the education of those who at some time will come to work at our enterprise," says Maxim Shirokov, General Director of Uralkali. "And this also means that the parents have nothing to worry about when they are at work, knowing that adequate conditions for the study have been created at schools and that the safety of their children is guaranteed."

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