Uralkali Opens 2020 Targeted School Graduate Recruitment Scheme


Uralkali announces that intake has now opened for applications to the Companyís targeted recruitment scheme for 2020. The scheme is available to school graduates who wish to study any of the university subjects that are highly sought-after among prospective Company employees.

The subjects are as follows: Chemistry, Surveying, Electrification and Automation of Mining, Mining Machines and Equipment, Underground Development of Mine Deposits, Information Technology and Computing (specifically specializing in Automated Systems of Information Processing and Management), Electrical Energy and Machinery (majoring in Electrical Power Supply), Chemical Technology of Non-Organic Substances, Automation of Technological Processes and Production, Technological Machines and Equipment, Geological Surveying and Exploration of Hard Minerals, and Heat Energy and Heat Technology (majoring in Industrial Heat Energy).

Selected students will study at one of the following institutions: Perm State National Research University, Perm National Research Polytechnic University (PNRPU), the Berezniki Branch of PNRPU, St. Petersburg Mining University, the Ural Federal University or the National Research University of Technology (Moscow, Russia).

In order to be selected for enrollment in this program, school graduates will need to achieve a minimum overall score of 180 points in the Unified State Exams for Russian, Maths, Physics and Chemistry. Applications from students wishing to enroll in Uralkaliís program can be submitted up until the 31st of July 2020.

Telephone number for queries: 8 (3424) 29-61-60.


Uralkali has been recruiting students to study in subjects it considers highly sought-after since 2008, and 53 students are currently enrolled in the program.

Students enrolled in Uralkaliís scheme benefit from a number of advantages. Starting from their second year at university, they receive a scholarship from Uralkali of RUB 3,000-12,000 per month, based on their exam results. Students involved in Uralkaliís program undertake paid internships across the Companyís subdivisions and are also provided with the required guidance materials and textbooks for their courseworks and graduation works. Furthermore, Uralkali guarantees employment for graduates of the program, and also pays a signing bonus of RUB 28,000-33,000, depending on the results of their diploma grade point average.

Uralkali (www.uralkali.com) is one of the worldís largest potash producers and exporters. The Companyís assets consist of 5 mines and 7 ore treatment plants in the towns of Berezniki and Solikamsk (Perm Region, Russia). Uralkali employs more than 12,000 people in the main production unit.


OJSC "Uralkali" (OJSC "Uralkali", Company,) is one of the world’s leading potash producers. Our aim is to produce potash fertilizers to satisfy the worldwide demand for the high-quality food; we develop potash deposits in an efficient and responsible manner in order to ensure continuous development of the Company.

We follow the principles of social responsibility and we know how important it is to respect the interests of all our stakeholders (employees, partners, investors, shareholders, government authorities, public organizations, the media and the residents of the regions of Uralkaliís corporate presence). We know that, as a large industrial company, we are expected to be reliable, open and stable. We aspire to fully meet these expectations in full by consistently implementing the strategy of sustainable development.

Planning our work for years ahead, we care about the well-being of the future generations and honor the obligations that we have undertaken voluntarily:

  • Securing the well-being and personal development of our employees;
  • Taking into account the unique social features of the regions where we work both when solving current problems and when making decisions regarding the Companyís new projects;
  • Taking all necessary actions in order to reduce the negative impact on the safety, health and living conditions of our employees, partners and residents of the territories of Uralkaliís corporate presence;
  • Maintaining an open dialogue with all the Companyís stakeholders, regularly informing all interested parties of the situation in the Company and the status of the actions taken in order to reduce and eliminate environmental and social risks;
  • Taking into account the opinions of the stakeholders when making decisions in the sphere of industrial, environmental and social safety when realizing current and future projects.

Our social policy serves as a guide for each employee of OJSC "Uralkali" and it is reflected in all our programs and plans. We understand how important it is to fulfill our obligations in a full and timely way and we are committed to finding a balance between the interests of the Company, its employees and other stakeholders. We believe that this balance is the only true foundation for the harmonious growth and development of OJSC "Uralkali" and society as a whole.

URALKALIís Health, Safety and Environment Policy

OJSC “Uralkali” aims to be a leader in every aspect of its operations.

Health, safety and environment are key priorities for us and serve as a framework for every action and decision we make, irrespective of the type of activity.

We fully realise that no achievement or economic benefit may justify death of people or damage to human health and the environment of our planet. Each and every employee of OJSC ďUralkaliĒ has the right to be provided with safe and comfortable conditions of labour. With that, the Company expects that every employee will strictly abide by safety regulations and will demonstrate responsible attitude towards own and fellow colleaguesí life and health. Only through maintaining a mutually responsible behaviour in health, safety and environment will we be able to achieve a greater level of development for our business.

Our goals are very simple and clear:

  • Zero accidents;
  • Zero industrial emergencies;
  • Reduction of environmental impact.

To achieve these goals and to ensure the maximum compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, we must create a health, safety and environment management system based on established standards.

An efficient management and continuous improvement of the corporate health and safety culture will enable us to gain significant progress in preventing and/or mitigating HSE-related issues.

We strongly believe that a successful implementation of these efforts will create conditions for the sustainable development of OJSC ďUralkaliĒ.

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