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We understand that we can only ensure the safety of our employees by using a comprehensive approach that covers all areas of their activities and appeals to their understanding of the importance of measures taken by us and to their active cooperation.

In 2012, Uralkali adopted a Health, Safety and Environment Policy, which demonstrated the Companys belief that health, safety and the environment are key priorities that should be taken into account in all its actions and decisions, regardless of the line of work to which they relate

2018 Key achievements:

Occupational Safety

In 2018, the labour safety management corporate system was certified for compliance with the state regulatory requirements and with the international standard OHSAS 18001-2007. The validity of the OHSAS certificate has been extended to 2021.

In accordance with the requirements of the Federal Law No. 426-FZ on Special Assessment of Working Conditions dated 28 December 2013, the works on carrying out the procedure of special assessment of working conditions in the Company are completed.

In order to ensure the safety of people transportation and the goods delivery in the underground conditions, a schedule has been developed for the installation of tachographs on vehicles in the Company's mines.

To record the facts of violation of the requirements of labour, industrial and fire safety in the divisions, PJSC Uralkali purchased DIAMANTE badge cameras and voice recorders.

The Company has installed a simulator for training safe methods and techniques of works at height, the training rooms are being repaired.

At Solikamsk-1 a pilot project for providing the workplaces with Quick Access Manuals, aimed at compliance with the requirements of labour safety and maintenance of order at the workplace, was implemented.

Construction of separate sites for storage of scrap metal has been completed at the industrial sites of Berezniki-2, Berezniki-3, Solikamsk-3.

In 2018, the work on the Initiative programme continued, the main goal of which is to involve and motivate staff to search for potentially dangerous working conditions and develop the initiatives on their improvement.

During 2018, 11 topics on the Iniviative programme were implemented, 23 employees were awarded for active participation.

The Lean Production programme continues its work at three mining groups (Berezniki-3, Solikamsk-1, Solikamsk-3), 37 meetings of the working groups were held.

Industrial safety

In 2018, Uralkali continued to develop and improve production control over compliance with Industrial Safety requirements at its hazardous production facilities.

In 2018, the work on declaring the safety of hydraulic structures (HS) continued. Safety declarations were developed and approved for hydraulic structures of slurry storages Berezniki-2, Berezniki-4, Solikamsk-1, 2, 3, and the Verkhne-Zyryansky reservoir. The Western Urals Department of Rostechnadzor revised and agreed the Rules of HS Operation, and the Company obtained the relevant permits for their operation for a period of five years.

In 2018, in the spring and autumn periods, inspections of hydraulic structures Berezniki-1, 2, 3, 4 and Solikamsk-1, 2, 3 were carried out with the involvement of JSC VNII Galurgii specialists.

Fire safety, civil defence and emergencies

No fires or emergencies were recorded at the Companys facilities in 2018. The number of fires in the surface complex decreased by 11% from 9 cases to 8 year-on-year.

Work was carried out on the implementation of measures specified in the regulations of the Department of Supervisory and Preventive Activities of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Perm Region for two types of supervision: fire safety and civil defence. As a result of the work carried out, the Company obtained inspection certificates confirming the 100% implementation of more than 270 measures prescribed in 2017. No sanctions (administrative practice) on the part of the Ministry of Emergency Situations against the Company were applied.

Within the framework of compliance with forest legislation, the work on compliance with fire safety requirements on leased forest plots was carried out: two warehouses of firefighting equipment for extinguishing possible forest fires were established and maintained at the Companys facilities, mineralised lines were formed on leased forest plots with a total length of more than 89 km, and 26 banners on fire safety were set.

Calculations of fire risk for 13 facilities of the Company were made, which allowed to reduce the excess costs and to confirm that the facilities comply with the requirements of FZ-123 Technical Report on Fire Safety Requirements dated 22 July 2008. The calculations showed that the fire safety permissible values were not exceeded.

In the reporting year, regular and preventive maintenance was done on more than 1,180 automatic fire alarm units and systems, warning and evacuation control systems, automatic fire suppression systems and emergency warning systems to ensure the fire safety of surface complex facilities.

In order to improve the fire protection of employees and property in 2018, the phased implementation of round-the-clock monitoring of fire alarm systems and automatic fire extinguishing units in the facilities of the Companys surface complex continued, which will allow to react quickly to possible failures in the operation of the fire automation system through the monitoring centre.

As part of the technical re-equipment of the professional rescue service divisions in 2018, the necessary mine-rescue and fire-fighting equipment was additionally purchased, as well as the main and auxiliary fire equipment.

In the reporting period, work was carried out to improve the warning systems (through the Civil Defence and Emergency Situations line). The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia adopted and put into operation local warning systems of HS Verkhne-Zyryansky reservoir of Berezniki-2 and HS Solikamsk-3. Works on the installation of technical complexes Local Alarm System at hydraulic structures (slurry storages) Berezniki-2 and Berezniki-3 are coming to the end.

Necessary measures were taken to prevent accidental spills of oil products. Comprehensive targeted inspections at all the Companys mining departments were carried out, as well as the Plans for Emergency Oil Spills Elimination were updated for fuel and lubricant materials storage sites at Berezniki-2, 3, 4 and Solikamsk-1, 2, 3.

Work on maintaining readiness of Civil Defence structures to serve their purpose continued. In 2018, the necessary measures were taken to improve their protective properties. PJSC Uralkali took part in the annual contest reviewing civil defence shelters of the Perm Region. According to the results of the contest, the protective construction of the civil defence on Solikamsk-3 traditionally takes prize-winning places (the second place among similar shelters of the Perm Region).

Work was carried out on the preparation of childrens health-improving camp Ural Gems for safe leisure time of Company employees children during the Summer Health Campaign 2018. In the 2018 summer season, special attention was paid to teaching children how to observe safety measures, including at home and when on water bodies.


No emergencies took place at the Companys sites related to fire safety in 2017. The number of fires at the surface complex reduced from 10 in 2016 to 9 in 2017.

The measures related to bringing the Companys sites to the fire safe state implemented in 20162017, in line with measures proposed by an independent fire safety auditor, helped us to pass the fire safety and civil defence regular assessment of the Department of Supervisory and Preventive Activities of the Russian Ministry of Emergencies in the Perm Region. During testing, no shutdowns of facilities and equipment occurred; the Company received conclusion on minimal risks which is based on the assessment results.

Uralkali performed regular and preventive maintenance on more than 1,100 systems and units of the automated fire alarm, firefighting, alarm, and people evacuation control systems for ensuring fire safety of surface complex facilities. We continue our work on identification of fire alarm systems and automated fire fighting units at all the Companys facilities, as well as exercise the interaction when transmitting signals to emergency rescue services on duty.

To improve fire protection of the Companys employees and property, the phased introduction of twenty-four-hour monitoring of our fire alarm systems and automated fire ighting units was started in 2017. It will allow us to respond quickly to possible operational incidents and failures of such systems via the monitoring centre.

85 R-30E respirators for work in gas polluted and unsuitable for normal breathing environment and 9 reels of special mine rescue communication were purchased in 2017 in the context of technical re-equipment and upgrade of professional emergency rescue crew subdivisions, which provide the mine rescue service and fire guard for the Companys facilities.

We carried out the work on adjustment of safety certificates for Solikamsk-1, Solikamsk-2, and Solikamsk-3 facilities, as well as storage facilities at the Solikamsk site. Plans for elimination of petroleum product spill at the Companys oil and lubricant storage facilities in Berezniki and Solikamsk were developed and approved by the Russian Ministry of Emergencies.

Uralkali conducted in full the scheduled trainings, team-staff exercises, and exercise of personnel activity in case of potential natural or man-induced emergency, fire, and activity upon civil defence signals.

The Company continued to maintain its civil defence structures in state of readiness, adopted and scheduled necessary measures for improving their protective properties. Based on the results of a local review competition in 2017, the Companys civil defence structure at Solikamsk-2, designed for over 600 people, was awarded with the third place among similar structures of the Perm Region.

In 2017, Uralkali performed preparation activities for a children recreation camp Ural Gems in order to provide safe rest of children of the Companys employees for a period of 2017 summer recreational campaign. To certify training activity of Uralkalis Corporate University, the compliance with the fire safety requirements of its premises was ensured.

Training and instructions

Making employees aware of the latest health and safety requirements and developing a culture of compliance play a key role in ensuring workplace safety. Before starting work at Uralkalis production facilities, the Companys employees receive workplace training. Ensuring workplace safety and monitoring employee compliance with safety requirements are part of the responsibilities of all foremen and supervisors.

Training and certification in 2018:

  • In the field of industrial safety  4,580 employees
  • In the field of occupational safety  1,290 employees
  • In the field of emergency situations and civil defence  over 6,488 employees
  • In the field of fire safety  4,990 employees
Health and safety requirements for contractors

When it comes to health and safety, Uralkali makes no distinction between its own employees and contractor personnel.

The Company checks all potential contractors to ensure that they have all necessary health and safety permits and that their employees receive health and safety training and certification. Agreements with contractors expressly specify that their employees must comply with their safety requirements and Uralkalis safety standards. Contractor personnel must receive health and safety induction training and Uralkalis officers carry out regular health and safety inspections and checks during contract periods.

Uralkalis contractors also have to comply with the Cardinal Rules: if they break any of them, they are taken off their assignment and banned from Uralkalis facilities for a year.

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OJSC "Uralkali" (OJSC "Uralkali", Company,) is one of the world’s leading potash producers. Our aim is to produce potash fertilizers to satisfy the worldwide demand for the high-quality food; we develop potash deposits in an efficient and responsible manner in order to ensure continuous development of the Company.

We follow the principles of social responsibility and we know how important it is to respect the interests of all our stakeholders (employees, partners, investors, shareholders, government authorities, public organizations, the media and the residents of the regions of Uralkalis corporate presence). We know that, as a large industrial company, we are expected to be reliable, open and stable. We aspire to fully meet these expectations in full by consistently implementing the strategy of sustainable development.

Planning our work for years ahead, we care about the well-being of the future generations and honor the obligations that we have undertaken voluntarily:

  • Securing the well-being and personal development of our employees;
  • Taking into account the unique social features of the regions where we work both when solving current problems and when making decisions regarding the Companys new projects;
  • Taking all necessary actions in order to reduce the negative impact on the safety, health and living conditions of our employees, partners and residents of the territories of Uralkalis corporate presence;
  • Maintaining an open dialogue with all the Companys stakeholders, regularly informing all interested parties of the situation in the Company and the status of the actions taken in order to reduce and eliminate environmental and social risks;
  • Taking into account the opinions of the stakeholders when making decisions in the sphere of industrial, environmental and social safety when realizing current and future projects.

Our social policy serves as a guide for each employee of OJSC "Uralkali" and it is reflected in all our programs and plans. We understand how important it is to fulfill our obligations in a full and timely way and we are committed to finding a balance between the interests of the Company, its employees and other stakeholders. We believe that this balance is the only true foundation for the harmonious growth and development of OJSC "Uralkali" and society as a whole.

URALKALIs Health, Safety and Environment Policy

OJSC “Uralkali” aims to be a leader in every aspect of its operations.

Health, safety and environment are key priorities for us and serve as a framework for every action and decision we make, irrespective of the type of activity.

We fully realise that no achievement or economic benefit may justify death of people or damage to human health and the environment of our planet. Each and every employee of OJSC Uralkali has the right to be provided with safe and comfortable conditions of labour. With that, the Company expects that every employee will strictly abide by safety regulations and will demonstrate responsible attitude towards own and fellow colleagues life and health. Only through maintaining a mutually responsible behaviour in health, safety and environment will we be able to achieve a greater level of development for our business.

Our goals are very simple and clear:

  • Zero accidents;
  • Zero industrial emergencies;
  • Reduction of environmental impact.

To achieve these goals and to ensure the maximum compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, we must create a health, safety and environment management system based on established standards.

An efficient management and continuous improvement of the corporate health and safety culture will enable us to gain significant progress in preventing and/or mitigating HSE-related issues.

We strongly believe that a successful implementation of these efforts will create conditions for the sustainable development of OJSC Uralkali.

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